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New Construction

MSC is a complete build construction company. Our homes are uniquely designed using your ideas and our experience. We work well with other design groups and architects although most of our clients prefer our plans above others not solely for the price but our designs are custom for each client.

We asked our clients, "What are the top dislikes of dealing with a construction company? The answers were as follows:

  1. Hard to get a hold of.
  2. Not finishing on time.
  3. The final price was much higher than the estimated price.

MSC took these responses and developed some standard operating procedures (SOP's) that would make your time with MSC more enjoyable.

SOP 1: Our staff consists of an administrative assistant that answers the phones during normal business hours and also checks messages regularly outside of normal business hours for emergencies. The superintendents respond quickly to all messages and phone calls. The owner is very involved in the day to day operations and ensures all clients' needs are met efficiently.

SOP 2: MSC will not start a job until we have manpower and resources to complete it on time. We take time each week looking into all upcoming jobs and planning accordingly so you don't have any down time after your project is started. We realize that remodeling and building can be an inconvenience so we start and finish jobs efficiently to lessen the hassle.

SOP 3: We know what unforeseen issues can occur with most projects. Unlike other companies we disclose these issues up front so you are not surprised when they happen in the middle of your project. This way you know upfront the total cost of your project and there are no surprises. We don't hide the facts just to win jobs. MSC prides itself in finishing under budget. We want to be your lifetime construction company not your one time project manager.

We look forward to working for you. Let MSC turn your dreams into floor plans!

Let us turn your dreams into floor plans.

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